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The Church Tithing and Nonprofit Fundraising platform designed for merchant service providers.

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Continue To Give has what you want!

  • You stay in control!
  • You keep the merchant account!
  • You keep 100% of your residuals with your favorite processor.
  • We onboard and maintain the relationship and customer service so you don't have to.
  • We charge the client a small software fee.

How our program works

Grow your portfolio with an award winning solution!

Follow these steps to success

  1. Introduce your current or prospective clients to Continue To Give
  2. Set them up with a merchant account through your favorite provider
  3. Make sure you give them the correct API credentials for the gateway you set them up with
  4. Your client signs up for Continue To Give
  5. Your client enters their API info into our system during signup
  6. We onboard and provide ongoing support to your client
  7. You keep your residual payouts from your favorite processor.


Price =
Cost Of Your
Merchant Account

Software Fee

$ 10 /mo.

0.25% + $0.05
per transaction

Charged directly to client by CTG

  • Merchant account included
  • Donor Pays Fees (Addon)
  • Text Giving
  • App Giving
  • Kiosk Giving
  • QR-Code Giving
  • Donation Forms
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Admin Facilitated Donations
  • Donor Portal
  • Recurring Gift Options
  • In Honor Of Donations
  • Unlimited Projects/Purposes
  • Unlimited Donors
  • Customizable Tax Receipts for Donors
  • Reporting Tools
  • Refund Gift Options
  • Integrations
  • Data Exports
  • Custom Configurations

The how to instructions

ISO Training Video. Watch this!
A great intro video for churches

Demo Page

This page is a great resource for you and your clients. It will always have our sales demo material up to date for you and clients!

  1. Encourage your clients to view this page by clicking the big (Demo) button on our website.
  2. You can view it any time via this direct demo link. Click For Demo Page

Some great marketing material for you

Do NOT save a copy of these documents. Instead always get the most up to date version from here.

  1. Some high quality video ads.

    Church Ad Church Ad Why CTG Complete System General Ad
  2. A slide show demo you can use

    View Slide Show
  3. Recorded demos you can show

    Tithing and Fundraising Donor Management and Fund Act
  4. Handout / Mailer PDFs

    Handout A Handout B Handout A
  5. Handout / Mailer Raw files you can edit

    Handout A Handout B

    We will gladly help you make changes to and print off handouts for a small fee. Please contact us for details.

  6. Pictures/logos and banner ads you can use

    View Image Folder
  7. Board Meeting Q and A

    Download Board Meeting PDF

If you have questions or need to contact us, us this link

For most questions, we advice using the ticket option so questions can be addressed in the quickest and most accurate manner

Contact Us

Get Started Now!

Below are the simple steps you can take to earning more with Continue To Give

1. Schedule a one on one demo with our team.

2. Check out the marketing material we listed above.

3. Discuss Continue To Give with your first client.

4. Advise your client to go to our website and view our Demo.

5. Create their merchant account with your favorite Payment Processor.

These are the payment processors / gateways we are integrated with:

Payroc (View Website)

Clearent (View Website)

First American (View Website)

Elavon (View Website)

USAePay (View Website)

6. Have your client sign up for Continue To Give.

7. Sit Back, Relax, and let us take it from there.

If you have questions or need to contact us, us this link

For most questions, we advice using the ticket option so questions can be addressed in the quickest and most accurate manner

Contact Us

Here are answers to some common questions

Will Continue To Give help make my sales?

There are a couple answers to this question

First, we will help you demo our product to your first couple sales while you get comfortable.

Second, if your client goes to our website and signs up for a demo, or even starts to sign up, they will be entered into our auto drip campaign. They will get weekly emails showing the benefits of signing up. They will even get ads that follow them on Facebook and other websites. So this automated marketing keeps them moving forward in the process.

So yes, we will help a lot through our automated marketing system, and we'll even hold meetings with you and your first couple clients

What information do I give my client so they can sign up?

There are two main elements to the integration. 1) A merchant Account 2) Gateway Credentials

First, First you need to get them a merchant account with your provider

Second, You need to make sure you set them up with a gateway account and give them the api credentials so they can enter those into our system.

Each payment processor is different, but for example, if you use Payroc or Clearent, they will give you the api credentials during signup so you can pass them onto us along with their MID

How should I price my merchant account?

Continue To Give will charge a software fee of $10/Month plus (0.15% (or 1.5 basis points) plus $0.05) per transaction.

So keeping that in mind, your merchant account should be around $10/Month plus 2.5% (or 25 basis points) plus $0.20 per transaction

What is the cost of the Church / Donor Management / Fund Accounting Software?

The Church / Donor Management / Fund Accounting Software are upgrades that clients may choose.

The latest pricing is listed here in our pricing page. (View Pricing)

$ Click to Earn Money

Check out live Reviews From Capterra

Our Internal Core Values

Champion the Vision and Mission of Continue To Give.
-You must care about the Vision and Mission of Continue To Give enough to champion the cause.

Desire to have a legacy of helping people.

Kaizen - The practice of continual improvement (For self, and company).

Deliver WOW through best in class products that bless those who use them.

Spirit of teamwork and synergy.

Learn - Learn from what you do as well as pursuing new knowledge.

Grow - Work toward personal growth and development.

Expand - Use your growth and what you have learned to expand how you can help the mission.

Be passionate and determined.

Tell the Truth - Be honest but understand that your reality may not be shared with others which leads to Respect and Acceptance.

Give respect and acceptance. We are not all the same and that is ok. Let people be who they are not who you want them to be.

Work smarter and harder.

A commitment to serving our customers in a time-friendly, personal, professional manner.

Be flexible and open minded. Work toward helping others in the best way possible, even if it is something new and difficult at first.

Reliability. Make sure others can count on you.

Serventude. Continue To Give is here to serve, so we must serve each other in order to make that happen.




Take responsibility.

Do not gossip.

Consider the needs of others before making decisions.

Schedule a Live Software Demo.

Just pick a day/time that works for you and one of our great reps will walk you through our affordable online giving and donor management platform